Environs \ Venice

It is a city that must be discovered on foot, perhaps by losing oneself in the magical labyrinth created by lanes, small and large squares, and canals. Breathing in the atmosphere that is knowledgable of distant places Venice is a magical city par excellence, one of the most scenic and extraordinary where history and art reflect in the peaceful water of the Lagoon. Here there is romance, poetry, and melancholy...

So much has been written about Venice that it seems superfluous to remember that this is one of the most unique cities in the world. It has justifiably been named by UNESCO as being a site of important human heritage not only for its artistic wealth, but also for its extraordinary co-existence of the activity of mankind and its natural situation on the Lagoon.

A unique specimen, therefore, as its destiny has been forever linked to water: that of the lagoon and the sea. Every island has been wrenched apart by the water's devastating and hidden force and the initially hostile environment has since been taken into account, respected and modelled judiciously. Thanks to the sea, Venetians have made up for the lack of cultivable land and raw materials with the fleet, born as a means of subsistence, has been transformed into a source of power and wealth.

The colour of the water, its ability to reflect the sky, the façade of frescoed palaces by the best artists of the period, Tiziano, Bellini, Giorgione... the Venetian colour that is born from the water and takes on a special element from superimposing Florentine design. It seems that even in art, the city was destined to be linked to its environment.

The architecture also takes the sea as its theme: the hulls of boats are copied in the roofs of the churches, the spiral adornments that embellish the Gothic portals, the marble and statues that adorn palaces and houses, all of this retells the past maritime foundations, of prolific commerce and war. Today the stones of Venice are like an open book that tells a great history.

To understand the city in greater depth, it is essential to leave the traditional torist routes and to lose onself in the labyrinth of land and water that continually meet and deepen. Venice guarantees emotional enchantment all year round. In the evenings, in that mysterious silence that is only possible in Venice, the city becomes even more extraordinary and dreamlike, leaving us time to abandon ourselves to romance, poetry, and melancholy...