Environs \ Padua

An elegant city with a discreet charm. One of the most significant attractions is the Basilica of St. Anthony, but Padua's artistic and cultural heritage can be discovered in every corner of the historical centre

Erudite Padua. Its University, one of the oldest in Europe, had the exceptional professor, Galileo Galilei, among its staff in 1492. A few years later in 1501, Copernicus - the father of one of the greatest scientific revolutions - enrolled at the university.

Religious Padua. The Basilica of St. Anthony is a highly important place of worship where every year thousands of pilgrims arrive to revere the remains of the world's most loved Saint.

There are just two sides of a city that preserves intact the charm of a millenarian history, from the Palaeovenetian to the Most Serene Republic (Repubblica Serenissima).

Padua is wonderful to visit calmly without hurry, walking around the streets in the centre, admiring the architectural jewels that have enriched the city over time.
These are jewels of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Neo-classical art.
Above all there is the Cappella degli Scrovegni, which preserves one of the most important fresco cycles by Giotto within its walls, realized between 1305 and 1306. It has recently been restored.

There is also the celebrated Palazzo della Ragione; once the judicial and administrative centre of the city, today it is an exhibition centre. In addition there is the Prato della Valle. It is enchanting due to its elliptic shape, its vastness (it is one of the largest squares in Europe at a surface area of 90,000 m2), and for the emotions that it causes with its central greenery and the 78 statues surrounding it. The historical Caffè Pedrocchi is the symbol of Padua's cultural and commercial life. It is a neo-classical building where one can enjoyably spend a special evening or simply admire its splendid rooms.

It is however impossible to note all of Padua's beauty. During the day, it pleases the visitors with its vibrancy by means of its busy streets and squares. At nighttime, it takes on a more romantic and evocative character.
A city that knows how to recount beautiful stories, all you need to do is listen...